First day was amazing at Sugarloaf

Student's first day was amazing at Sugarloaf.

Visiting sugar loaf mountain with the group on the first day was amazing! It was also great to be able to go with someone from the area and could describe all about what we were looking at from the top of the mountain!

William Millie, USA

This RioLIVE! was especial because it was one of the students’ first time in Rio, after visiting other places in Brazil, and first day experiencing class in the morning and RioLIVE! in the afternoon, like many students do at Rio&Learn. Visiting sugarloaf mountain on his first day was amazing but also it was everyone’s first time at the mountain except for their carioca teacher. Everyone loved the whole activity of hiking up to Urca Hill, the second station of the cable car, and then taking the cable car to the sugarloaf. After the hike, the group felt rewarded to be able to see such an amazing view. The adventure was not done yet, for knowing you are hanging at a height of one thousand feet during the cable car ride was exciting and one of the students even felt scared even though it is totally safe. Surprisingly, the view at the top of Sugarloaf was even more beautiful.

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