Football Positions in Portuguese

18 de June de 2014

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Do you like football? Today we are going to learn about the football positions in Portuguese. Diogo and Pablo are going to help us with a video, check this out!

Football Positions in Portuguese

Now let’s see the most traditional positions on the field and their respective numbers. Let’s see it:

Footballs/soccer positions in Portuguese.


  1. Goleiro
  2. Lateral direito
  3. Zagueiro central
  4. Quarto zagueiro
  5. Meia defensivo/Volante
  6. Lateral esquerdo
  7. Meia atacante/Ponta direita
  8. Meia defensivo/Segundo volante
  9. Centroavante/Atacante
  10. Meia armador
  11. Meia atacante/Ponta esquerda[/one_half]


  1. Goalkeeper
  2. Right-back
  3. Central defender
  4. Defender
  5. Defensive midfielder
  6. Left-back
  7. Attacking midfielder/Winger
  8. Defensive midfielder
  9. Center forward
  10. Playmaker
  11. Attacking midfielder/Winger[/one_half_last]




Best Brazilian players and their football positions in Portuguese

  • GoleiroTaffarel:ย Present in three World Cups (1990, 1994 and 1998) and winning one in 1994, Clรกudio Taffarel has made history defending the Brazilianย goal, especially on the penalty kicks at the finals against Italy in 1994 and the penalty kicks at the semi-finals against The Netherlands in 1998.
  • Lateral DireitoCarlos Alberto Torres: Brazilian captain in 1970, Carlos Alberto Torres scored one of the most beautiful goals of the Brazilian Team. Technical and skilled, the right-back also became famous because of his strong personality and his leadership spirit.
  • Zagueiro CentralLรบcio: Also present in three World Cups (2002, 2006, 2010), besides winning the title in 2002, Lรบcio became popular for his never-say-die attitude, always strong at defense and trying to help his teams and the Brazilian team.
  • Quarto ZagueiroBellini:ย Captain of the historical Brazilian team who won its first World Cup in 1958, Hilderaldo Luรญs Bellini, better known as Bellini. He was the first captain to ever do the gesture of lifting the winning trophy of the World Cup. He also has a statue at one of entrances of Maracanรฃ Stadium.
  • VolanteFalcรฃo: Also known as the King of Rome, Paulo Roberto Falcรฃo was a classical defensive midfielder who could defend and be skilled at the same time. Member of the remarkable Brazilian team in 1982, he never won a World Cup, but he was part of one of the best national teams in history.
  • Lateral EsquerdoRoberto Carlos: Very popular because of his kicks, Roberto Carlos’ free kicks have been feared for many goalkeepers and defenders throughout years. Present in three World Cups (1998, 2002, 2006) and winner in 2002, he made history with the Brazilian Team and he is always remembered when people start talking about football.
  • Meia atacante/Ponta direitaGarrincha:ย Manuel Fransisco dos Santos, before Pelรฉ, he was the most popular player in Brazil, he is considered by many in the sport to be the best dribbler in football history. From Rio de Janeiro, he played at the club called Botafogo, winning two World Cups (1958 and 1962), Garrincha gave a lot to football.
  • Meia defensivo/Segundo volanteDunga:ย He is one of the most popular defensive players in history. Especially for being the Brazilian captain at the World Cup title in 1994 after a 24 years lack of world titles, owner of a great leadership spirit, he was really respected by his teammates.
  • Centroavante/AtacantePelรฉ, Ronaldo,ย Romรกrio:ย Three of the best players of all time. Pelรฉ doesn’t need introductions, elected the athlete of the century, more than 1000 goals and three World Cup titles (1958, 1962 and 1970), he is definitly the face of Brazilian football. Romรกrio and Ronaldo, both from Rio de Janeiro, also made history around the world and at the Brazilian team. Word Cup winners (Romรกrio 1994 and Ronaldo in 2002), they represent what Brazil can offer when it comes to great football players.
  • Meia armadorRonaldinho: One of the most (or the most) skilled Brazilian players of all time, his skills earned a nickname, bruxo (wizard), because for many people, he does magic with his feet. Winner of the World Cup in 2002, Ronaldinho has his own page along the best players of the Brazilian team.
  • Meia atacante/Ponta esquerdaRivelino: Also member of the Brazilian dream team of 1970, Roberto Rivelino had an incredible technique and could attack and control the ball easily. Along with Pelรฉ and Carlos Alberto Torres, he won the World Cup in 1970 and also has his name in history.

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You could learn a little bit more about the football positions in Portuguese and also the Brazilian team.

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