Beautiful people in a beautiful place

Visiting Sugarloaf mountain in Rio.

La visita al Pão de Açúcar fue una experiencia inolvidable! Una vista increíble, una caminata muy agradable, una compañía estelar y una tarde inmejorable.

Karolina Roa Correa, Colombia

Pão de Açúcar no Rio de Janeiro

How about beautiful people in a beautiful place? Sounds like a nice combo, huh? That was what happened with the RioLIVE! visiting Sugar Loaf. Our unique, lively and beautiful students spent the afternoon visiting this one of the best Brazilians landmarks. At the trail, walking on the Morro da Urca, riding the cable car or at the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain. That was indeed an afternoon of beautiful people in a beautiful place.

Pão de Açúcar no Rio de Janeiro

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Trilha do Morro do Urca - RJ

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