No need to be afraid

Sugar Loaf with friends

The visit to Pao de Açúcar was a great time to see beautiful views while practicing some Portuguese! We hiked up – chatting along the way – then took a cable car to go all the way to the top. The views were definitely worth the hike! We had a long wait in line to get down (because of the school holidays many people were visiting the site) but once we made it to the cable car it was a quick ride down. And because we were there until the evening, we saw incredible views during the day, followed by a beautiful sunset, and glowing nighttime city lights.

Madeline St John, United States

Pista Cláudio Coutinho - Urca

There is no need to be afraid of visiting the Sugar Loaf. Some students were afraid of heights, but you can’t be afraid of one of the most beautiful places in Rio with amazing views. After a while, they all relaxed, and our students just enjoyed the beauty and were really excited to join this RioLIVE! 

Sunset at the Sugar Loaf

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