Sugar Loaf Delight

cable car up the mountain

An experience at Pão de Açúcar with the amazing team from Rio & Learn
A beautiful hike amongst nature, forest, monkeys and stunning views
Arriving at the top of Pão de Açúcar to enjoy the vast landscape.
A beautiful combination of views, company and language.
I really liked the relaxed type of Rio&Learn activity.
Thank you for the activity
Would recommend!

Dermott Lynch, Australia

hiking in the sugar loaf

A delightful way to kick off the week was by paying a visit to the famous Sugar Loaf. First, we hiked up Morro da Urca, and as a sweet reward, we got some delicious açaí! The hike was a bit challenging, but reaching the top felt like a true accomplishment, and the view was absolutely breathtaking! Along the way, we even spotted a cute little monkey (mico) and some lizards in the forest. Upon reaching the summit, the sun was casting a golden glow as it prepared to set in an hour, and we were captivated by the magical golden hour. To top it all off, it happened to be the birthday of one of our students! Is there a better way to celebrate than by visiting such a stunning place?

the view from the sugar loaf

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bondinho cable car view from the top

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