States and Regions of Brazil. Fortaleza é a capital do Ceará.

What’s up guys, all good?
Well, in our Video Dica today, we will talk about the regions in Brazil. No…it’s not a Geography class. It is still a Portuguese class. But you will learn a bit more about Brazil, and not only Rio de Janeiro, ok?

Well, here we go!

We have here a map of Brazil. Forgive me if I make mistakes, I am not a geography teacher But I’ll try. Let’s go! Well, here we have the five regions of Brazil. This big blue area here is the North Region of Brazil. So let’s see here each state in the north region of Brazil. I have here:

North Region

AC – Acre – Capital: Rio Branco
AM – Amazonas – Capital: Manaus
RR – Roraima – Capital: Boa Vista
RO – Rondônia – Capital: Porto Velho
PA – Pará – Capital: Belém
AP – Amapá – Capital: Macapá
TO – Tocantins – Capital: Palmas

As you can see, Amazonas is the biggest state in Brazil. So, I have spoken about the north, and now I will talk about the Northeast. The Northeast region has nine states. Let’s see if I know them all.

Northeast Region

MA – Maranhão – Capital: São Luís
PI – Piauí – Capital: Teresina
CE – Ceará – Capital: Fortaleza
RN – Rio Grande do Norte – Capital: Natal
PB – Paraíba – Capital: João Pessoa
PEPernambuco Capital: Recife
AL – Alagoas – Capital: Maceió
SE – Sergipe – Capital: Aracaju
BA – Bahia – CapitalSalvador

Wow! I feel like a geographer now! Well, observe that it is the region with the most amount of states. There are nine states in the Northeast. Now I am going to talk about the yellow area here, the Midwest region. Where we have:

Center-West Region

MT – Mato Grosso – Capital: Cuiabá
MS – Mato Grosso do Sul – Capital: Campo Grande
GO – Goiás – Capital: Goiânia
DF Distrito Federal é a Capital de Brasília

Now we will talk about the Southern Region. Where I have:

South Region

PR – Paraná – Capital: Curitiba
SC – Santa Catarina – Capital: Florianópolis
RSRio Grande do SulCapital: Porto Alegre

Ok? So these are the three states that compose the Southern region of Brazil. At last, we have the Southeast region, where we have:

Southeast Region

MG – Minas Gerais – Capital: Belo Horizonte
ES – Espírito Santo – Capital: Vitória
SPSão Paulo Capital: São Paulo
– Rio de Janeiro – Capital: Rio de Janeiro

So we saw here a bit of this Geography Video Dica, right? But of course, in Portuguese, about the five regions of Brazil. You will see a link in our Video Dica, with the names of the capitals of each state in Brazil so you can learn a bit more as time goes by, with our Video Dicas. I will also start to talk about the cultural aspects of each one of these places. Surely, there are many cultural aspects but I will try to talk about the culture of there places here so we can also learn a bit about their costumes, culture and also the typical foods of each region, ok?

Well, that’s it guys! Thank you very much, all of you. We will keep waiting for all of you in Rio de Janeiro come see our school, learn Portuguese with us as you have fun, ok?

So, big hug to you all and until the next Video Dica.
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