Back at Lagoa with amazing views 

Passeando na Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas

Danas smo isli prvo u Parque da Catacumba . Imali smo 40 minuta setnje da bi stigli do vrha tog brda i kada smo stigli gore ,pogled je bio predivan. I posle smo isli u setnju pored jezera i bila je mnogo opustena setnja sa lepim pogledom.

Slaven Dacic, Serbia

Parque da Catacumba - RJ

Being back at Lagoa is as always a pleasure, doing that with amazing views and nice company is even better! We haven’t been to this neighborhood in a while but at this time it was really worth it. Our students loved going to Parque da catacumba, our first stop and then walking around the lagoon where everyone can have a big notion how big and beautiful this place is! Back at Lagoa with amazing views!

Walking around Lagoa

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