Sugar Loaf Mountain on our walk along the beaches in Rio.

Botafogo e Flamengo foi muito incrível! We walked around and saw many cool things with the group. It is always nice to see the city from a different perspective. RioLIVE! Activities help learning Portuguese and seeing the city.

Jack Lauer, USA

In today’s RioLIVE! Activity we went on a walk along the beaches in Rio de Janeiro. We started at the Flamengo neighborhood where the students were surprised to know the whole Aterro do Flamengo’s area used to be ocean before a massive land reclamation was carried out. We walked until the end of the Flamengo beach where it is joined by the Botafogo beach. On our way we obviously talked about football because two of the main Carioca football teams are named after Botafogo and Flamengo. We could see the Sugarloaf Mountain from all of the way. Then we finished our walk at a bar in Botafogo and had refreshing beers after our sunny journey.

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Students having beers at bar in Botafogo.

We enjoyed some refreshing beers after our sunny walk.

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