Beautiful cloudy Rio

Lindo Río nublado. Tres lindas chicas haciendo el corazón con el pan de azúcar de Río de fondo.

Les nuages avaient tendance à s’accrocher au Paõ de Açucar ce jour-là, mais cela n’a rien gâché de la vue depuis le sol. Les tortues étaient aussi de sortie : elles happaient les petits poissons qui remontaient à la surface de l’eau pour profiter de la pluie. Comme quoi, la pluie a aussi ses avantages.

Aline Guebels, Belgium

Waiting for the Sugarloaf to clear. Taking a picture of the Sugarloaf in a cloudyday.
Waiting for the Sugarloaf to clear

Although it’s summer, sometimes the rain pays us a visit, but we enjoyed our RioLIVE! anyway in this beautiful cloudy Rio. The weather helped us and we could walk by the shore of Botafogo without a drop of rain. One of our students wanted a picture of the Sugarloaf so bad, but the clouds were around it. Fortunately, a few minutes later it was clear and she took the shot.

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Picture at the top of Botafogo praia shopping with an open view of Botafogo beach.
Lucky Igor!

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