Learning at Botafogo’s beach

Alumnos caminando en Botafogo.

The class outing to the botafogo beaches was a nice addition to the material from the classes. It was an interesting way to use the portuguese we learned in class and the beach setting was ótimo. Our teacher Geovana gave us lots of small but valuable insights into the neighborhood and Brazilian culture in general. Overall I highly recommend this trip and Rio & Learn in general. Five stars!

Yaphet Scott, United States

Enjoying the lovely and fresh winter of Rio de Janeiro, our RioLIVE! was great while we walked at Botafogo’s beach. The students talked about their culture and about sight seeings in Rio. In addition to that, they made some cat friends.

They also sat down to rest and contemplate this amazing view watching the Sugar Loaf while they rested. Learning at Botafogo’s beach is even funnier!!!

Students learning at Botafogo's beach,
Students resting and contemplating the view.

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Our student Yaphet playing with a cat.
A student playing with a cat.

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