A walk to remember

De Flamengo a Botafogo, un paseo para recordar.

This past Monday, we traveled to the beautiful Flamengo Beach via Rio’s Metro and took a relaxing walk alongside the coast of the Lagoon. While there, we learned about the history of the area while appreciating the amazing view of Pão de Açúcar, the surrounding mountains as well as clear and cloudless view of O Cristo Redentor. While we were there, Igor saved a Bem-te-vi (A bird local to Brazil) from the street, I climbed some trees, and we all got to look at everything from the top of the Botafogo Beach Shopping Mall. I can’t wait to return!

Arun Balaraman, United States

Did you know that students grow in trees? We didn't! Students climbing a tree at Botafogo.
Did you know that students grow in trees? We didn’t!

Botafogo is a modern neighborhood, and it has one of the best view the Marvelous city can offer. Can you imagine being surround by Guanabara bay, Pão de Açúcar and Cristo Redentor? It’s definitely a walk to remember.

Enjoy the view! Enjoy life! Pão de Açúcar view from Botafogo beach.
Enjoy the view! Enjoy life!

Take a look at the amazing pictures we took on our Facebook page:

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