A sunny afternoon at Botafogo Cove

A sunny afternoon at Botafogo Cove
A sunny afternoon at Botafogo Cove
A sunny afternoon at Botafogo Cove

Auf unserem Ausflug zum Praia Flamengo hat sich Rio von seiner besten Seite gezeigt und nicht mit Sonne gegeizt. So hatten wir einen traumhafen Blick auf den Zuckerhut. Es war ein unvergesslicher Spatziergang bis nach Botafogo, den wir zusammen bei einem Chopp preto haben ausklingen lassen.

Christian Schroder, Germany

Sun, breeze and a view.
Sun, breeze and a view.

They say Monday is the worst the day of the week, right? Well, we don’t buy that! Last Monday we went to enjoy a sunny afternoon at Botafogo Cove. We started our RioLIVE! activity on Flamengo Beach that stretches all the way up to Botafogo. As we took our brisk walk, we spoke a lot of Portuguese and had a great time. The neighborhood offers a stunning view of the bay and Sugarloaf (especially when it’s sunny). We ended the tour on the rooftop of Botafogo Praia Shopping enjoying a lovely evening of chopps and chat in Portuguese. Why miss next time? You can join us too!

That’s us trying to look cool!

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