First time seeing the Sugar Loaf

Nuestra primera vez viendo e pan de azúcar.

aujourd’hui nous avons visité Flamengo et Botafogo et les paysages étaient vraiment merveilleux ! C’était l’occasion aussi de discuter avec d’autres élèves de l’école et Geovana, notre merveilleuse enseignante !

Sarah Vildeuil, France

In a lovely summer vibe, we went to Botafogo beach to enjoy the good weather. For one of our students it was the first time seeing the Sugar Loaf. Even though the teacher and the other students had already seen it, it is always an amazing view. We are never tired of watching the beauties of the Marvelous city.  We walked from Aterro do Flamengo until Botafogo Praia Shopping where we could see Botafogo’s beach from up above. Of course it was an incredible view!

The view from Botafogo Praia Shopping in Rio de Janeiro.
Marvelous view up in Botafogo Praia Shopping.



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