Views of the Marvelous City

Vistas de la Ciudad Maravillosa

Las actividades RioLIVE! son realmente buenas. Es una oportunidad de conocer sobre la historia  de la ciudad, la cultura  brasileña. Me la pasé muy bien durante mi primer RioLIVE!. Esas actividades en conjunto con las clases es la mejor manera de conocer todos los aspectos de este impresionante país. 👍Jorge Luís Rodríguez, Mexico

Walk, walk fashion baby! Foreigner students walking along Botafogo Cove.
Walk, walk fashion baby!

It’s was the first RioLIVE! for most of the students who visited Botafogo with us, and they had so many questions about Rio de Janeiro. It was an afternoon of great talk and even in a cloudy day, we enjoyed beautiful views. Honestly, it’s impossible not to enjoy the views of the Marvelous City, right?

Find all the pictures of our afternoon on our Facebook page!

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Is that the Sugarloaf? Yes!!!
Is that the Sugarloaf? Yes!!!

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