A walk with the view of Sugar Loaf

Look at this great view!

Botafogo was a great experience. Seeing a different part of the city and being able to spend more time outside of class learning the language was great as well. The bar and drinks were a great finish to the day!

Jack Lauer, United States

Let's enjoy our time at Praia do Flamengo!

From Largo do Machado to Botafogo, the students had a walk with the view of Sugar Loaf. Even though is was raining they could chat in Portuguese, take many beautiful pictures and have a great afternoon. Then they went for drinks in the famous bars in the neighborhood of Botafogo. A perfect afternoon with fine company at RioLIVE!

Rain could not ruin this great view!

See more of this walk with the Sugar Loaf view in our Facebook page:


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