Americans in the Botanical Garden
Americans at Botanical Garden.

Having the most of this amazing place!

RioLIVE! excursion to the botanical gardens was a great way to practice my portuguese with Diogo in a real life enviroment along with getting to see the beuatiful gardens. As we walked through the gardens Diogo would keep the conversation going while taking photos of us so we could share this great experience with our friends and family. I greatly enjoyed the diversity the gardens had to offer, from monkeys to waterfalls to cactus and many different types of flowers. An experience you can’t miss!

Alexander Wit, United States.

Students visiting the Botanical Garden.

Making a wish!

A lot of different students go with us to the RioLIVE! Activities. But at this time we had only Americans at Botanical Garden. A place surrounded by nature where people can explore and know a bit more about Rio de Janeiro and Brazilian History. Our group was small but willing to get more information Botanical Garden.

After each different part visited, a new word and expression learned in Portuguese. They were satisfied not only because of the visit, but also because they had the opportunity of practice their Portuguese outside the school, that’s what  RioLIVE! is about!

Americans at Botanical Garden! Portuguese Language tour at Botanical Garden.

Our dear Americans at Botanical Garden!

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