Royal Toucan Looking for a Bride

8 de January de 2019

Visited the Botanical Garden yesterday. Orchids, a Japanese garden, and many beautiful and different indigenous trees and other plants. A toucan showed up out of the blue and announced himself! Our teacher put all of this in context and got us practicing our Portuguese at the same time. A beautiful and relaxing afternoon in a gorgeous setting in Rio.

Leonard Leverson, United States


RioLIVE! Toucan in a tree. Toucan hiding on a tree. Toucan hiding behind the leaves.
Toucan searching for his girlfriend

Every time we visit the Jardim Botânico of Rio de Janeiro, something auspicious happens. This time it was a Royal Toucan looking for a bride. We were only heading to the Japanese Garden, practicing Portuguese and checking some tree names, when a Royal Toucan looking for a bride showed us the way and led us through the alley.


RioLIVE! Japanese garden. Japanese garden in Jardim Botânico Rio de Janeiro. Entrance gate at the Japanese garden. Royal Toucan Looking for a bride
Welcome to the Japanese Garden

The Jardim Botânico was created over 200 years ago. However, the Japanese garden was only created in 1935, then reinaugurated in 1995 by princess Sayako, the Japanese Emperor’s daughter. Thanks Sayako, Your Highness !


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RioLIVE! Girl waving at the camera. Girl with plants behing. Girl smiling and waving. Royal Toucan Looking for a bride
Snapshot of a happy student bringing happy thoughts