Favorite place in Rio

Nuestro lugar favorito en Río es Urca, mira en la playa.

Urca ist ein eher gehobener und sehr schöner Stadtteil von Rio. Die Strände sind viel leerer als z.B. Copacabana und Ipanema, aber auch viel kleiner. Es war ein super Tag um baden zu gehen und die kleine Wanderung entlang der hübschen kleinen Häuser wurde perfekt mit einem Bier abgerundet.

Linda Beltz, Germany

Students walking around Urca neighborhood and enjoying the views.
Not sure if trying to find his boat or protecting from the sun.

How can we not love Urca? The neighborhood is so charming and calm and yet it has all that a carioca needs to enjoy life. And talking about enjoying life, we started enjoying our RioLIVE! taking a refreshing dip at Praia Vermelha while drinking a cold beer by the sun.

Yaphet, one of our students, was so in love with the place that he is now considering to live there! It’s his new favorite place in Rio de Janeiro

Sitting at the Urca wall and having a nice conversation in Portuguese at the RioLIVE!
Having a good laugh at Urca Wall.

Join us on our next one and maybe Urca will also be you favorite place in Rio! Check out Facebook page to see more pictures:

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Picture at famous sign in Urca. Viver é ir ao encontro. Não se pode viver em estado de contemplação. Tudo está a nossa espera. É uma questão de coragem e amor. Cacilda Becker
Quick pic at the Cacilda Becker sign.

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