Tour Around the Urca Hill

Tour around the Urca Hill

Todays RioLIVE! we visited the pretty neighbourhood of Urca where we relaxed on Vermelha Beach before taking a stroll around the bay with our knowledgable guide Pedro. To finish off the evening we shared some cold beers whilst taking in the sunset with the locals.

Susan Costin, England

In this RioLIVE! Activity we went on a tour around the Urca hill, in the neighborhood that has the same name. We started at Praia Vermelha, where the students recognized the second part of the cable car on top of the hill from a previous RioLIVE! when they got there hiking. This, however, was a time to relax, so we stayed on the beach under the shadow of a palm tree having beers for a while. Then we carried on our tour around the Urca hill, seeing the picturesque boats, the pretty houses, the amazing landscape along the Guanabara bay, amongst the beauties to be seen in Urca. In the middle of the walk, we passed through Praia da Urca, where the students were amused to know the singer Rihanna had been and gotten photographed a couple years ago. At the end of our walk, we sat on the mureta, the little wall on the edge of the water, and had more beers. We were even lucky to see the turtles that live in the bay.

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