Toast at sea after visiting Urca

10 de January de 2021

Let me tell you about the perfect RioLIVE! Nothing like seaking up the sun and taking a swim at beautiful Praia Vermelha – a swimmer’s paradise tucked away behind the PΓ£o de Açúcar mountain. A walk along the famous MuretaΒ  da Urca practicing my Portuguese with our teacher Dani and other classmates. Stunning views and photo opportunities of Botafogo Bay and the sun settingΒ  behind Cristo Redentor. A short boat ride to the floating restaurant for snacks and drinks with my teacher and classmates. The perfect afternoon! This is RioLIVE!!!

Brent Falso – United States of America


Taking a little boat to the floating restaurant
Students going to a toast at sea after visiting Urca


Our RioLIVE! at Urca was in a beautiful afternoon! After taking a very refreshing swim in Praia Vermelha, we walked along the waterfront towards a restaurant where we did a Toast at sea after visiting Urca. The students figured out one of the places from where people get their social media’s pictures in Brazil and that at least two people live at this restaurant.

Finally at the floating restaurant
We also could live here!


Our amazing Toast at sea after visiting Urca.
Here we are celebrating life with a toast at the sea after visiting Urca!


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