Beach, Beer and Sunset at Urca

Beach, beer and sunset at Urca.

Wir sind nach Urca gefahren wo wir zuerst an den Strand sind und danach sind wir zu einer beliebten Bar in der Gegend spaziert. Die Aussicht auf die Stadt von vor der Bar war schön und man sah die Sonne hinter der Stadt und den Hügeln untergehen.

Elias Klingler, Switzerland

Beach, beer and sunset at Urca.

In today’s RioLIVE! we enjoyed an afternoon of beach, beer and sunset at Urca, the pretty neighborhood around one the most famous mountains in Rio, the Sugarloaf. It was a great first day with Rio&Learn for Elias, a new student. Tony, another student who is from Los Angeles, was excited to go in the water for the first time in Rio and was surprised when the Atlantic Ocean turned out to be as cold the Pacific Ocean at the latitude where he lives. The next highlights were trying the delicious bolinho de bacalhau at the Mureta of Urca (little wall) and having the light Brazilian beers which, according to the students from cold places, were a perfect match for the Carioca summer.

Chilling at the famous Mureta of Urca.

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