Tough afternoon at Urca

Visiting Praia Vermelha

On est aller a la plage de Urca et nous avons passer un bon moment ensemble. Ensuite, nous nous sommes promener proches de la côte et nous avons bu une bonne bière.

Sofia Ariana Bascopé, Canada

Mureta da Urca

Our students had a tough afternoon at Urca with RioLIVE! Based on the pictures it doesn’t seem like that but this ironic joke is very common among Brazilians, if you spend some time relaxing in a good place, you have a tough day/afternoon/life. And that’s all Urca is about, a great place to relax, enjoy the beach, explore and have drinks watching the sunset at mureta da Urca, and that’s what we did! Tough afternoon at Urca indeed! Hahaha…

Relaxing at Urca

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