Let’s move to Urca!

Bairro da Urca - Rio

Us students had never heard of Urca neighbourhood, so we were intrigued to check it out during RioLIVE! By the end, everyone was convinced that we would live there if we ever moved to Rio permanently. Urca is a cute, peaceful neighbourhood in the shadow of Pão de Açúcar with one of Rio’s most relaxed beaches and beautiful views of the bay. We were too wimpy to swim on a cloudy day so we strolled through the neighbourhood practising our Portuguese and grabbed beers at a bar where lots of locals were surprised to hear us speaking Portuguese. It started to pour down with rain right as we arrived at the bar – cosy weather to enjoy a drink with new friends.

Laura Somerset, New Zealand

Conhecendo a Praia Vermelha

We all want to move to Urca. We all got this after feeling after our latest RioLIVE! activity. Our students shared some nice moments and a great afternoon in this lovely neighborhood. They loved all the spots that we dropped by: from the beautiful Praia Vermelha (our first stop), to the adorable streets that offer amazing views of Botafogo and Flamengo. Of course we continued practicing our Portuguese, and at the end of this ride we all wanted to move there.  

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