Relaxing at Parque do Catete.
Relaxing at Parque do Catete.

El palácio y jardin Catete es un paseo muy bonito e interesante. Uno puede aprender un poco sobre la historia del Brasil y del Presidente Vargas. Un lindo jardin para pasar la tarde, repasando el vocabulario portugues y disfrutar de un cafe.

Dario Punales, Ecuador.
History and Portuguese with Rio & Learn.
History and Portuguese with Rio & Learn.
In our last RioLIVE! we visited the Palace and Park of Catete. Catete is one of best neighborhoods to live in Rio de Janeiro. At the heart of the place is located the room where the president Getúlio Vargas killed himself. Besides that, it was the last presidential house while Rio de Janeiro was the capital of the republic, because it moved to Brasília with the president Juscelino Kubitschek.
Our RioLIVE! started with a nice walk around Parque do Catete. In this moment we did a break for our students to learn the park’s vocabulary, words such as árvore (tree), estátua (statue), caminhar (take a walk/stroll), plantas (plants) were learnt at this stage of the RioLIVE! Soon after that, we got into Palácio do Catete, we talked a lot about the Brazilian history, mainly Getúlio Vargas’s. They loved getting to know the Brazilian history and the best part was when we entered in one of rooms with a lot historic pictures such as the Proclamation of the Republic, Independence, Slavery Abolishment and Brazilian Discovery. We talked in Portuguese a lot, and it was wonderful.
If you want to learn Portuguese and have fun at the same time that you know Rio de Janeiro, come to Rio & Learn and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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