Fun at Catete

Fun at Catete. Student playing in front of the Catete Palace.

In this RioLIVE! Activity we had fun at Catete, a neighborhood in the South Zone of Rio. We went to Catete Palace, an interesting mansion that used to be the office and house of the presidents of Brazil when the capital was still in Rio de Janeiro. We learned a lot about the Brazilian History in the house that now serves as museum. Special mention must be made to the exhibit happening at the museum now about african-brazilian culture. Seeing the African goddess Oshun standing in a room decorated with classical art was just amazing. After enjoying the Palace, we went to the park right behind it, where we took a walk and relaxed in this hot summer day. Then some students that are experienced in sports such as parkour had fun trying some acrobatics on the grass.

The african goddess Oshun standing in classical style room was a beautiful sight.
The african goddess Oshun standing in a classical style room was a beautiful sight.

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