Having fun at Parque do Catete

Having fun at Parque do Catete

Having fun at Parque do Catete.
Having fun at Parque do Catete.

Today we caught the metro to go visit the palace and gardens in Catete. It´s where all the President´s lived up until the Capital was moved to Brasilia. The palace and gardens are very beautiful and tranquil and perfect for taking photos. We stopped to have a drink and Pablo discussed the history of the palace with us and we got to ask questions which is great for our Portuguese. We then did a tour of the palace and got to see how the president´s lived. The palace is full of art, sculptors and furniture. We also got to see President Vargas´s suicide note which really makes you think about the history there. It was a great RioLIVE! and I hope to go back there one day.

Neil Roche, Ireland.

We had a great afternoon having fun at Parque do Catete. A place that preserves nature and is used to relax and have a conversation among friends. Some of the interesting things we have are the lake, the statues and the animals that live there.

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Right after that we went to Museu da República, also known as Palácio do Catete. There we learned more about the history of Brazil, mainly the history of the former president Getúlio Vargas who committed suicide at the place.

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Come and meet Rio & Learn and participate on our RioLIVE!, you’ll have fun while you practice Portuguese.

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