Exploring Urca’s charms

wandering praia vermelha

Urca, una postal
Caminar por las calles de Urca, un barrio tranquilo y pintoresco de Río de Janeiro. Las casas de colores pastel me recordaban a un pueblo de cuento. El viento en la mureta mientras miraba el Cristo Redentor y fue un momento mágico que nunca olvidaré.
Urca es una postal que guardo en mi memoria con cariño. Es un lugar que me recuerda la belleza y la tranquilidad de Río de Janeiro.

Paula Otálora, Colombia

looking at the view of pao de açucar

Exploring Urca’s charms: Our adventure around Urca was absolutely stunning and refreshing. We started by taking a dip at Praia Vermelha, soaking in the breathtaking view of Pão de Açúcar and the iconic Bondinho. Then, we headed over to Mureta da Urca, checking out some boats, and got an eyeful of Cristo Redentor. Beyond its stunning nature, Urca also offers other charms, like views of important national treasures. And to wrap it up, we had some Brazilian snacks and drinks, like empadinhas, pastel, mate iced tea, guaraná and beer, the traditional Mureta da Urca experience! Snacking while practicing on our Portuguese was the perfect way to end the day!

mureta da urca and the cloudy sky

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having some snacks and drinks at urca

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